Our theatre knowledge can help you to build the ‘how to be’ in your organisation

As an advisory and training organisation, we help executive members, managers, employees to develop their professional agility thank to improvised theatre. 

Exceptional actor-consultants

20 professional actor-consultants work for ImprO2. They are graduates from higher education (business schools and engineers) and they have experience in key positions in the corporate world. 
They can bring links between theatrical improvisation and the corporate culture.
Ten years from now we cast, recruit and train these profiles to our approach in order to provide high quality trainings.

Improvised theatre, a strong tool to boost the performance of your managers and employees

Improvised theatre is a theatrical discipline where the text is not written before the performance. Actors adopt an attitude of listening, openness, acceptation of their partners’ ideas, energetic involvement as well as a capacity to react immediately to « write the story », a collective story. 

The actor-consultants use strong relational and communication skills. Improvising helps to develop these same skills when facing challenges as to speak in public, to communicate, to manage, to sell, to negociate, to aks and to get a promotion, to reply to objections, to convince and to influence ! 

A very original and successful training method 

Our approach is practical and offers a large variey of exercices and role-plays with the actor-consultants who challenge the real needs of the participants.

  • A behavioural training giving keys to know how to do and how to be.
  • Many very active exercises.
  • Personnalized and operational feed-backs.


An original, dynamic and motivating context to learn new behaviourial skills.

Event trainings

Our actor-consultants can deliver together trainings and events (hoax at the beginning of a training, improvised show at lunch or dinner, magic story, collective singer’s session at the end of a training, …). These events are led by the same actor-consultants who run the training sessions. Key messages can be delivered by many different ways and the training can be experienced as an event that will last in the memory of the participants for years !

The ImprO2 spirit : to get fresh air !

Repeating everyday counter-productive behaviours leads to stress, tensions and inefficiency. 

To get relief, to grow in your business, to get more confidence and oppeness you can test and develop new behaviours!

Thanks to role-plays, personnalized and concrete feedbacks, you can progress to find a relaxing and efficient professional atmosphere.

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