IMPRO2 presents one free « Discovery » afternoon where you can EXPERIENCE our method !
4 dynamic and invigorating hours where you will have hands on experience of the benefits of improvised theatre and role-playing as professional efficiency tools!

Meeting point : a theatre in Paris, and a meeting room in Brussels

Dates : 
- Paris : June 15th 2017, Sept. 14th 2017, Oct. 19th, Dec. 7th 2017 (French sessions)
- Lyon : Nov. 9th 2017
- Brussels : Apr. 26th 2018 (French or English sessions)

Timetable :
2pm-3pm : Experience an improvised theatre workshop with key debriefs on how to apply the techniques in a professional context. 
Goal Boost your professional agility with improvised theatre (tool : The Impro alphabet)

3pm-4pm : Discover the art of conviction during high stakes public speaking. Practical public speaking exercises with personalized feedback.
Goal : Boost confidence, develop rhetoric, fine-tune your attitude and be aware of keys to charisma to increase your presence. (tool: Pyramid of conviction)

4pm-5pm : Participate in professional role-play situations led by an actor-consultant, based on your problems (management, sales...).  
Goal improve your management, sales and conflict resolution skills in the heat of the action. (tools: 4Colors, Keys to participative management, the sales ceiling)..

5pm-6pm : Question and answers session : your stakes and our answers for corporate events or training. Duration, organisation and mechanics of our assignments.


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